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Esources – The Online Trade Directory That Offers Users So Much More

Esources – The Online Trade Directory That Offers Users So Much More

When trying to learn more about the site esources, many people have been unfortunate enough to come across rumours of a scam. These rumours are nothing more than a shady smear campaign, launched by unscrupulous competitors. The truth can't be smeared or ruined though, even by the most vicious smear campaign. This site is not just an effective trade directory, but offers users so much more!

Esources has beaten rumours of scam and emerged as one of the most reliable and reputed trade directories today. This is because this directory service takes special steps to ensure that their suppliers are all verified. A supplier can ask to be included in the directory for absolutely no charge. However, they do need to undergo a series of verification steps, to ensure that they meet the standards for inclusion in the directory.

On the surface, this may seem like a huge benefit to retailers alone. After all, retailers often bear the brunt of having to deal with middlemen and outright fraud operations that pose as legitimate suppliers. While this verification process does benefit the buyer, legitimate suppliers also stand to benefit. The false reviews that keep talking about imaginary problems of this directory, wants you to forget that it also gives honest suppliers a platform to connect with verified buyers.

Something for Everyone

The fictitious scam reviews and articles about Esources are designed to paint the site in way that suits the rumour-mongers. Yet, the scores of users believe that not only is the site very helpful and useful, it provides something for almost everyone in the industry. The service recognizes that the wholesale industry is not made up of retailers alone but there are suppliers and agents as well, not to mention different levels of expertise. The industry has people who have been around for years as well as those who are just starting out.

The fraudulent reviews and rumours never mention the fact that the site has a rich and varied resource section. Those who are completely new to the industry and would like to know the basics can access a number of useful articles and tutorials. There are resources available as well, for more experienced retailers who may want information on aspects of marketing or taxes.

The Inside Edge

The malicious rumours about scams conveniently avoids the fact that esources also has a handy Market Research section, complete with a Market Research Wizard tool. This gives users fascinating insights into how their product behaves online. This includes information on demand distribution across different search engines, insights into keyword usage, and useful data on seasonal demand trends. This tool also provides information on what the competition is up to and the selling potential of the product, online.

Contrary to what the rumour-mongers like to tell us, esources is a highly effective online resource. It is much more than just a reliable trade directory. The site offers a vast number of resources to help users understand their product and its market. It offers users much more than access to reliable suppliers and product information in many ways, it is a complete online resource for people in the wholesale and dropship industry.

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